Skin Sin: Going To Bed With Your Makeup On.

Your evening makeup looks amazing … You are flawlessly rocking a full face of makeup: baking, strobing, highlighting – you didn’t miss a single step. It’s 4 am and you’re just back home. Obviously tired from your night of sin you immediately crawl into bed – without taking the bathroom stop to remove your makeup #SKINSIN.

Well – let’s be honest, when we get back from the crazy nights – most of us are lazybones (that includes me) and applying the night cream, night serum, under-eye cream and lip balm might not be the priority (at least I prefer to think about the cute guy I just met and fall in a sweet dream).

But sometimes we need to be reminded a little … No?  So let me introduce you to your 6 new BFF if you don’t take the beauty night stop (I’m crying already).


Did you know that in the evening, the natural self-hydration of the skin decreases? If dirt, sebum and makeup get into the skin, it’s even more difficult for the skin to get hydration. The result will be dry and friable skin, which will become more and more difficult to moisturize over time…


No makeup removal will lead to the accumulation of dead cells on the surface of the skin,” says Joshua Zeichner Director of cosmetic research at Mount Sinai New York. In these conditions, having dull skin is not surprising as dead cells will prevent the reflection of light on your pretty cheekbones and the tip of your nose.


The skin naturally acts as a shield against the environment around us. The healthier it is, the more it regulates itself according to external aggressions. “This natural barrier, the stratum corneum, works like a set of bricks (skin cells) and cement (lipids, natural fats),” images Joshua Zeichner. When you forget (inadvertently obviously) to remove your makeup before sleep, the foundation, the blush and the highlighter, coupled with accumulated dirt, disrupt the stratum corneum. There is no more cement to hold the bricks together and the wall is open to all winds. The reaction of the skin is inflammation: redness, itching, peeling skin and other cutaneous joys… (ugh)!


The sties, those small protuberances that settle around the eyes, may be due to a lack of rigor in your evening beauty routine. “If you do not remove makeup before going to sleep, makeup clogs the pores and fragile glands around the eyes, which can cause stings or infections.” (And we certainly do not want that, do we?).


Skipping the makeup removal step can be one of the reasons for adult acne. Obstructed by dust, sweat and makeup, the skin cannot breathe properly during your sleep. Sebum accumulates under the surface of the skin and in the next few days pimples appear (nooooo).


As you probably know, the lips skin is one of the most sensitive areas of the body. A few degrees of temperature down, a long-lasting lipstick, and that’s it, you have chapped lips. Keeping your lipstick all night long will result in peeling skin on your lips… Remember, it’s not because the packaging states “24h stay” that you must keep it that long! OMG – let me make you a promise:  I will never ever go to sleep with my makeup on.




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