About Us



Hey Girls,

Welcome to Atelier Rive Droite!

For a quick summary – we are two Parisiennes living in New York – and we simply share about the things we love.






We discovered our mutual passion of the beautiful on a plane (from Dallas to New York) – spent hours talking and finally came up with “Atelier Rive Droite” which we envisioned as a lifestyle brand.

Through our channels Atelier Rive Droite Blog and Atelier Rive Droite Instagram – we share daily “art de vivre” content (do not want to sound pretentious there – we are just owing to ‘The French Way’) and aim to have honest and not so serious conversations about style, femininity, and the beautiful.




If you are still with us at this stage of the reading, you are probably wondering “what the hell ‘Atelier Rive Droite’ means” #WTF¥™©∞µ!?? – And if you understand French,

stay put as you still might learn a thing or two about us.

“Atelier” represents our Art studio – the collection of what we love. “Rive Droite” is where we come from… It’s associated to the Right Bank of the river Seine in Paris and used to refer to a level of elegance and sophistication – owing to its association with places such as Place Vendôme, Rue Saint-Honoré and Avenue Montaigne.

It’s also the coolest 😉


It might sound corny – but we truly aim to share with you our passion of the beautiful – to encourage, inspire and get inspired by all the people around the globe through timeless Fashion, Design, Beauty and Art – and hope to make you laugh (at least a bit) in the process.

So engage with us – talk to us – like our posts – discover our styles – simply take part in our world.

Oh and we read all your comments – so your thoughts are our command!